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Business fundamentals are valuable in every field.

Looking to boost your skill-set and add value to your degree? These elective courses and certificate programs are available to UGA students of any major.

Minor in Business

As non-business UGA graduates advance in their careers, many of them will need to understand the fundamentals of the business environments in which they work. A business minor will give non-business undergraduates the opportunity to gain a basic understanding of business principles. This academic minor in business consists of five courses that provide students with fundamental business skills to complement their primary area of study and broaden their post-graduation opportunities.

The business minor consists of 15 credit hours of courses in economics, accounting, finance, marketing and management:

  1. Accounting Requirement (3 hours):
    ACCT 1160 (3 hours). Survey of Accounting
    ACCT 2101 (3 hours). Principles of Accounting I
  2. Economics Requirement (3 hours):
    ECON 2150 (3 hours). Principles of Macroeconomics
    ECON 2106 (3 hours). Principles of Microeconomics
  3. Business Foundations (9 hours – courses must be taken at UGA):
    FINA 3001/FINA 3001H/FINA 3001E (3 hours). Financial Management
    MARK 3001/MARK 3001H/MARK 3001E (3 hours). Principles of Marketing
    MGMT 3001/MGMT 3001H/MGMT 3001E (3 hours). Principles of Management

Who Can Apply

The minor in business is open to all UGA undergraduates, except those already admitted to a Terry College academic major or who intend to apply to a business major.

Who is Eligible for Admission

All applicants must be currently enrolled at the University of Georgia. To be eligible for admission, students must have completed a minimum of 45 semester hours, including at least 15 hours at UGA. Students must also have finished either the accounting or economics requirement and have the second one completed or in progress. All hours and grades must be posted to the applicant’s UGA record at the time of application. Courses in progress will not be counted in the hour totals.

Applicants must have a minimum cumulative (institutional) GPA of 3.2 (based on UGA academic record by application deadline) and must have ACT or SAT scores submitted to the university. Students may also supplement their application by submitting a score from the ETS Proficiency Profile if an applicant believes their ACT/SAT scores do not represent their current performance level.

IMPORTANT: Applicants should read the detailed Testing Requirements instructions.

An applicant’s test scores, major, and grades in accounting and economics will be used in the selection process.

When to Apply

Applications will be accepted twice per year, once near the midpoint of fall semester and once near the midpoint of spring semester. No applications will be accepted outside the application window.

The next application opens Oct. 7 and will remain open through Oct. 18 (11:59 p.m.).

This is a high-demand minor; admission is capped and not guaranteed, even if students meet requirements.

Academic Transcript

Students must earn the grade of "C" or better in each minor-required course for it to be counted toward completion. All upper-division classes used to complete the minor must be earned from the Terry College.

Only students who apply and are accepted to the minor are eligible to have the business minor listed on their university record. If you are accepted to the minor and at any point decide to become a business major, you must drop the business minor. Business students are not eligible for the minor at any time.


For additional details, see the Business Minor Checklist. For more information, contact the Undergraduate Programs Office at

Business Electives Offered

You don't have to be a Terry student to take business electives in the these topics:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Music Business
  • Real Estate
  • Risk Management and Insurance

Certificate Programs

  • Actuarial Science Certificate
  • UGA Entrepreneurship Certificate Program
  • FinTech Certificate
  • Certificate in Legal Studies
  • Leadership Fellows
  • Music Business Certificate
  • Workforce Diversity Certificate

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High School Students

Get a preview of life as a business major by one of our summer residency programs.

  • Accelerated Business Program
  • Terry Business Academy

Summer Programs