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With the changing demographics and international scope of the workforce, it is important our students embrace the power of diversity. Our Office of Diversity Relations manages a number of programs and events designed to educate students from varied backgrounds on how to leverage diversity in their careers.

Office of Diversity Relations Offerings

Summer Residency Programs

Terry Business Academy and the Accelerated Business Program are competitive, pre-collegiate programs at the University of Georgia Terry College of Business designed to expose juniors and seniors to various fields of business.

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Workforce Diversity Certificate

Through a series of diversity lectures, this certificate equips students with better cross-cultural understanding for their work environment and gives them a competitive advantage in the job search.

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UGA Campus Diversity

The University of Georgia has a duty to prepare its students to function effectively, to be leaders and to be citizens of the state, region and nation. Part of this duty is to prepare students to work in a diverse environment. This duty includes an obligation to expose students to a robust exchange of ideas within a student body representing the greatest possible variety of backgrounds. Such exposure is an essential part of our obligation to prepare students to interact in an increasingly diverse workforce and society, both domestically and internationally. In order to provide a diverse learning environment, UGA will adopt policies and practices to increase diversity among its entering students.

For more information about diversity at the University of Georgia and a complete list of resources, visit the UGA Office of Institutional Diversity.

Terry Case Competition

Coordinated by the Multicultural Business Students Association (MBSA), the Terry Business Case Competition provides a simulated experience in dealing with real world situations. Students react to a problematic business scenario (based on an actual or probable situation) which extends across multiple departments and then resolve the issue with detailed solutions incorporating various business disciplines.

UGA’s Top Talent

Enter UGA’s Top Talent competition for a chance to go home with a paid internship or company-sponsored leadership opportunity.


INTERACT is a diversity and leadership workshop that explains the six dimensions of diversity, explores how bias works and provides a strong foundation to lead diverse groups. Participants engage in interactive exercises throughout the workshop. Email for available dates and instructions to register.

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Director of Diversity Relations
Randy Groomes

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